What are the clinical studies behind Resistant Starch?

Resistant starch is a superstar. It's been well studied and researched for decades, and there are more than 200 clinical studies showcasing its beneficial effects. These studies draw pretty incredible conclusions for improving weight, blood sugar, heart health, digestive health, balancing the gut and more. We believe we've just scratched the surface of how prebiotic resistant starch can benefit us and support our health over the long-term.

We are one of the ONLY functional food brands validating product efficacy through placebo-controlled, randomized clinical trials! Co-conducted with Standford and with the help of independent investigators, we learned that Supergut reduced A1c (avg. blood sugar over the past 3 months) by 0.7% in 12 weeks. We also saw significant improvements in other wellness indicators, including energy, sleep, digestive health, and more! To learn more about our findings, check that out here. Additionally, the Supergut Study manuscript has officially been published and is available on the Diabetes, Obesity, and Metabolism website!  You can learn more by clicking here!

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